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Woody's Defiant Custom Arrows are sold in quantity's of 6 per unit and include 6 Woody's Starburst Lighted Nocks. A purchase quantity of "1" indicates 6 arrows.

*ATTENTION* All nocks must be ignited by the bow string and not the switch. The design and intended purpose of the switch is only for turning off the nock. Using the switch to turn on the nock for testing purposes may permanently damage the nock.

Arrows - .244 I.D. .350 Spine, 8.75 GPI

Cock Vane Color
Hen Vane Colors
Blood Wrap
Woody's Starburst Lighted Nock Color
  • Woody's Defiant Arrow shafts are a combination of 24 and 30 ton 3K woven carbon heavy wall shafts. Matched to less than +/- 3 grains per order, Spine Indexed, Bearpaw tested to ensure proper spine, and are cut to your specified length. Our shafts are built to a straightness tolerance of +/-.003. They are carefully crafted one at a time on a single jig to assure the highest quality and superior accuracy. Arrows come with 7075 aluminum inserts with brass add-on weights.

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