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Woody's Archery Supply is discontinuing our SB 2 nocks and offering our remaining inventory at a special reduced price, available until soldout. All discontinued nocks sold at this specially reduced sale price are sold AS IS. No warranty, either expressed or implied, will be given and all sales of discontinued products are final. Woody's Starburst Nocks are sold per package of 6 nocks. A quantity of "1" indicates 6 nocks.

*ATTENTION* All nocks should be ignited by the bow string and not the switch. The design and intended purpose of the switch is only for turning off the nock. Using the switch to turn on the nock for testing purposes may permanently damage the nock.


Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • Woody's Starburst nocks are some of the brightest in the industry. All of our nocks are individually hand tested to assure proper working condition. We have an exceptionally long-lasting battery. No special tools are required to turn off the lighted nock once ignited by the bow string. 

    Quantity indicated is per package of six (6) nocks.

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