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Woody Smith ( mtbugler )

I have been shooting Woodys Starburst Nocks since he started building them 4 years ago. From the SB1 original Starburst to the newest SB4 Starburst with the new replaceable battery. Toughest construction I have yet to find and test, easiest to extinguish switch to turn them off, brightest when in flight due to the incorporated prism within the nock, and brightest in normal daylight hunting conditions. I started off using his .244-.246 nocks in my Gold Tip arrows I built for myself, but after using them and seeing how well they performed I started to recommend them to friends. I started building arrows for friends and use nothing but Starburst nocks if asked for a lighted nock. Since then I have switched to the Defiant Arrow Syatem !

Tom Frey

I like Woody’s SB3 .204 Lighted Nocks. The switch’s small ball lets me nock my arrow by feel, helpful in the morning set-up for a hunt. I also liked using lighted nocks when bow tuning as you can see how true the arrow flies. This is when I found Woody’s .204 knocks are not that durable. After several shots, switches will fail to turn the light off. I’ve also had a nock where the back tips spread out and another that snapped at the shaft on string release. That arrow missed the target and went wide of my backstop. It had less than 20 shots on it. The larger diameter Woody nocks are likely more durable. For now, I only use the .204 Woody nocks on my hunting arrows that haven’t been shot. Looking forward to continued improvement.

Steve Ferguson

First day of first hunt with my new Defiant Arrows and the Green SB 2 lighted nocks from WoodysArcherySupply. These arrows fly like darts and hit like hammers. The Starburst nocks really do light the path to that pot of Gold. He was 23 yards, quartering away hard and the Defiant ran him through and busted his offside front shoulder.

Thomas Fleisher

Finally got a chance to shoot my SB3 nocks (.246) today and figured I’d give some feedback.
Shipping was super fast with zero issues.
Four of the six nocks weighed 24g and two weighed 26g. All less than advertised (27g).
Light sanding had to be done for them to fit my Sirius Archery Products Supernovas properly.
Once installed, my arrows came in at 602g and 604g.
When shot from 20 yards, they grouped right with my Supernovas with regular nocks. The two nocks tested functioned as advertised and were easy to turn off with the installed switch.
Final thoughts….These are great nocks that exceeded my expectations. They functioned as advertised, weighed less than advertised and I would highly recommend.

Darick Arnold

Absolutely the brightest nocks on the market. The picture included is in a dark room with a single nock activated. These nocks are very durable and last a long time. Finding arrows that miss the target is not a problem anymore.

Woody Smith

I’ve been building my own arrows for years. I happened to find Woodys Archery Supply through a mutual archery enthusiast that recommended Woodys arrows and nocks. My first order was for Starburst SB2 nocks and I literally fell in love. Quality, brightness, and ease of operation were all I expected and more ! I ordered arrows and bolts to see what all the fuss was about with the Defiant shafts utilized by WAS. After shooting a few times I realized that the shaft construction surpassed that of any other shaft I had used before. Harder hitting, more consistent, straighter, and evenly matched. It’s all I will shoot now after trying them out under real world conditions. Since that time I was invited to join WAS as a field staff member .

Stan Seckman II

I'm staff for woodys I run these nocks through the mill and they do not let me down. Hands down toughest easiest nock and by far the brightest I have used. The defiant shafts fly like darts and pack a punch with just being a well balanced shaft no need for heavy foc but u can if u wish to. I'll always believe in these products good hunting everyone.

James Nutt

Awesome company! I ordered my lighted nocks from woodys after following the Facebook page and reading what everyone else was saying about them. Order was placed, shipped, and received in no time at all. I ordered the starburst half moon nocks in purple. Got all of my nocks installed and started sending them down range. Every single one of my nocks works perfectly and are amazingly bright. You could use one of them as a flashlight going to your stand they are so bright. If you are in the market for lighted nocks wether for your crossbow or compound, look no further. I won’t go anywhere else for nocks ever again. After this season I plan on having some custom bolts built by this team.

Justin Hampton

Tuff,Tuff,Tuff!! Sent one Saturday evening bounced off some rocks as you see in the picture. Still works , little bent but that’s ok. It’s headed to the practice pen for safe measures.

Anthony DEpifanio

These nocks are by far the best lighted nocks I have used. I ended up ditching lighted nocks because they would never fit right. No matter what it always seemed like Nocturnals needed a shim. I heard great things about Woodys and at such a great price I decided to give them a “shot”. I was extremely impressed as soon as I put them on. Fitment was PERFECT, the switch to turn nocks on or off was very easy, and let me tell you what, THESE ARE BRIGHT! I’m beyond pleased with these nocks and I will be shooting them for a long time for sure!

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